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River City Trees’ range of tree services Brisbane -wide provide the answers to many common and uncommon tree problems that our clients may have.

Tree Removal

Arborist Brisbane

We at River City Trees pride ourselves on being leading arborist Brisbane wide, servicing all areas of the Greater Brisbane Region up to the Sunshine Coast. We have a great team of friendly administrative staff and qualified arborists who can tackle your request great or small.

Tree Removal

Commercial Programmed Maintenance

If you own a large commercial entity or are part of a government organisation in need of long-term programmed maintenance for their trees, River City Trees can give you the kind of service that you need. We have been trusted by commercial and government organisations for over 20 years.

Tree Removal

Tree Lopping in Brisbane

What is the difference between tree loppers and arborists? Which will provide a higher quality of work, or are these terms interchangeable? Unfortunately these terms have become interchangeable although there is an importance in knowing the difference between them. This core difference is identified in the level of skill and care exhibited in the work provided. All over the world and in Brisbane tree loppers demonstrate unacceptable practice, identified by national associations and amongst qualified arborists. River City Trees as Brisbane arborist abide by national and industry standards and demonstrate a high level of care for both the trees and the property. At River City Trees we go an extra mile and also have a high level of care for our customers.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Brisbane

Regardless of whether your tree is big or small, growing in your backyard, public or commercial site or in a difficult location, River City Trees can take care of safe tree removal. Using the right equipment along with highly skilled staff, you only need to step back and watch as we make use of cranes, elevated work platforms and national standard safety measures to have your tree removed. We service north and southside Brisbane areas as well as the Sunshine Coast.

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Brisbane

You may want to fully remove your tree, stump and all, or perhaps you have an old stump that you would like to have removed. Either way, we are well aware of complications that may occur by leaving an old stump in the yard—it may re-shoot or rot, cause garden fungus, or even worse: attract termites. This is why River City Trees can bring along our heavy-duty stump grinding machines. With the right machine for the right job, you would be able to re-plant, re-turf, or even build over where the stump used to be in no time.

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in Brisbane

(all pruning is performed to AS4373-2009)
When your home’s treescape starts to look more like the Amazon than a neat garden, it may be time for some remedial pruning. There are two ways to do it: the proper way, and the way that might potentially harm your trees. This is where River City Trees comes in. Your trees receive professional pruning regardless of their shape, size and location. The right pruning ensures the safety, health and great aesthetics of your trees, keeping your area thriving. Are you a large commercial or government entity that might need a maintenance program? Let us set it up for you!

Tree Removal

Root Barrier Brisbane

What is a root barrier? It’s a preventive measure that keeps tree roots from going into driveways or pathways, or even from encroaching under your houses. With a good root barrier in place, the tree roots can continue to grow safely without damaging important infrastructure.

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