Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in Brisbane

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in Brisbane

River City Trees provide tree pruning and trimming services across Brisbane’s northside and southside, and have been doing so for over 20 years. Regardless of the size, shape, or location of your trees, we can ensure that the job is done correctly and safely through our years of experience, quality equipment and rigorous training. We love trees and know how to prune them the right way to keep them healthy and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.


As professional arborists we do not practice tree lopping. This is a different practice to tree trimming or tree pruning, greatly damaging the tree that is being worked on, and is performed by untrained service providers.


For more information on tree pruning, and the difference between this term and tree lopping, check out our blog post here:


What is tree pruning?

All tree pruning is performed to Australian Standards AS4373 2009.
What we always tell our clients is that there are only two ways to prune trees—the right way, and the wrong way. All trees, whether they are located in a home garden or in the grounds of a large commercial entity, are an investment that need proper care and maintenance. If tree pruning or trimming is completed the wrong way, it could turn that asset into a liability.


arborist performing tree pruning


Why hire arborists for tree pruning?

River City Trees stands by three key reasons why everyone should hire a professional arborist to do tree pruning or tree trimming correctly:

  • Proper safety protocols
  • Tree health
  • Aesthetics

The means in which a tree is pruned has a great impact on these three elements. Hiring professionals rather than ‘loppers’ will allow the safety of your property, belongings, and the tree itself. At River City Trees we practice careful, controlled rigging and felling techniques to ensure that your trees limbs arrive safely on the ground and out of harms way. This reduces damage to the ground covering as the limb is slowly lowered down, rather than thrown as some loppers do, and ensure that it doesn’t collect with any valuable items on the way down. The last thing you want is for an uninsured tree lopper to be throwing pieces of your branches limbs carelessly as they prune your tree. Imagine the damage that could be caused!


By being safe, we are able to efficiently work around glass pool fences, pristine landscaped yards and in limited, restricted spaces. We are also able to ensure your tree is cared for and will continue to grow well after we perform the desired works. This entails precise cuts from our highly qualified arborists in specific areas of the branch to allow the best recovery and health of the tree. For more information on how we correctly prune trees, see this link here.


By pruning safely, and correctly, we are able to ensure your tree looks and feels it’s best. This will provide the desired visual appeal for your property, reduce pest infestation or decrease leaf litter in certain areas for maximum result so that you can enjoy your yard just the way you desire.


Why would I need tree trimming or tree pruning?

There are many cases where tree trimming or tree pruning may be required. See our list below for a snapshot of scenarios you may be experiencing:







commercial tree maintenance


Commercial Programmed Maintenance

If you own a large commercial entity or are part of a government organisation in need of long-term programmed maintenance for their trees, River City Trees can provide you the professional service that you need. Trusted by commercial and government organisations for over 20 years, we can provide a maintenance plan to ensure that your tree pruning is taken care of. Providing various benefits, such as increased aesthetic appeal, decreased damage and reduced mess, this maintenance option is a great addition.


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