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how much does stump grinding cost?

What influences the cost of stump grinding?


Stump grinding is an aspect of tree removal that isn’t always considered, as ‘tree removal’ does sound all inclusive, although dealing with the remaining stump is a completely different situation and can even be more time consuming and costly than the removal itself. We at River City Trees have the equipment in-house to either stump grind or […]


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The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal


Thinking of removing your own tree? We at River City Trees urge you to think again. The damage, injury or fatalities caused by tree removal, tree lopping or tree pruning happen far too often by highly skilled arborists, let alone by those untrained. If you have a partner, family member or friend who is considering performing […]


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4 Reasons Why Your Planted Tree Is Not Surviving


There’s no doubt that planting trees is one of the best ways to attract birdlife and add more beauty and value to your home. Because of this we often take it into our own hands to landscape our homes. Although tree planting may seem simple, you would be surprised just how easy it is to […]


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How to Evaluate Trees before Purchasing a Home


When it comes to purchasing new homes, most people usually just focus on the house or building itself. What you miss by doing this, however, is the opportunity to get a more accurate appraisal of the property. That’s because a property’s surrounding landscape can either increase or decrease its market value. Any required tree and […]


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5 Proven Ways to Storm-proof Your Trees


Queensland is no stranger to storms and cyclones. It’s a regular part of Queensland life, and locals are used to this season coming and going every year. Because of this, many people are well aware of how best to prepare their homes and buildings from storm events.   What isn’t as commonly done, however, is […]


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