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We at River City Trees always strive to save the trees we encounter, although situations may arise where it is of necessity for the tree to be removed. It might be for safety reasons, such as concerns whether the tree is stable, dead or dying and may fall in an upcoming storm, or maybe it is of necessity due to proceeding developments. Whatever the case, getting a whole tree removed safely can seem like a daunting task for a property owner, and in most cases is not a viable option due to the complexities with the removal process. It could take long hours and even then, making sure that you have all the safety precautions covered can be challenging. This is why River City Trees’ professional and efficient tree removal Brisbane wide has been relied upon by many customers for many years.


Reasons why you may need to remove your tree

There are many reasons why you may be required to, or it may be optimal to remove your tree. See our list below for a few scenario’s you may relate to!


  • Safety– The stability and structural integrity of a tree in your property may be causing concern, and understandably so. The damage that can be caused by an unsafe tree is significant, and its impact on your house, property, belongings and potentially your family should definitely be considered.


  • Mess– Does your tree produce large and frustrating volumes of leaf litter, seed pods or unwanted fruit? Is this resulting in a trip hazard, blocking the drains, attracting pests or simply leaving an unsightly mess that requires frequent maintenance? Maybe tree removal is a path you should consider. Otherwise, there are various solutions that can also be provided through tree trimming services.


  • Renovations/Construction – Do you have renovations occuring on the property that require tree removal? Is the pool you have always wanted going in for the Christmas break? A shed being installed? Or a much desired extension to the house? Tree removal may be necessary.


  • Tree in decline/dying – Is the tree itself in a state of decline? If this is apparent it is very necessary to consider the benefits of removal, particularly before it becomes unsafe due to instability.


  • Toxic – Is there a tree in your backyard that is toxic? This may be a large concern, particularly with small children present, thereby increasing the potential need for tree removal. See here for a list of poisonous Australian plants


  • Causing structural damage – Is there a tree that is causing damage due to it’s location? Frequently roots can encroach on buildings and cause significant structural damage. This may require the tree to be removed. Prefer to retain your beautiful tree? Rootbarrier is also a great option to reduce root-caused damage. See here to read more about our root barrier service in Brisbane.


  • Too much shade – Maybe the tree is providing just TOO much shade. You may have recently had solar panels installed and require more sun on your roof, or perhaps you are simply missing the rays of sun on your property.


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How River City Trees Remove Your Tree

We at River City Trees take great pride in our work, ensuring we remove your tree safely, efficiently and of the highest professional service each and every time. To ensure that we provide the most optimal service, there are a number of things we like to do, as can be seen below.


  • Provide a quotation. So as to provide you with the best possible service, price and quality of work, we provide an onsite quotation. This is done free of charge and for all our customers. This is beneficial to you because we can effectively evaluate the site, the proposed works, and in turn identify the best of our equipment to be used to most efficiently complete the works. We can also estimate the time required on site, to ensure we provide you with the best price and crew possible. Our estimator is also a qualified arborist, allowing you to discuss your needs in great depth and receive professional advice.


  • Staff expertise. The staff we select and send to your property or site are the most suitable for the works, due to our provision of the quotation. They have the correct expertise and skills to manage your site. Our staff are also long-term staff, allowing them to have formed connections and inter-related crew skills. These staff also undergo frequent training, both internally and externally, so they know the best methods to remove your tree safely and efficiently.


  • Equipment. Our equipment at River City Trees is state of the art. We undergo rigorous maintenance to ensure that we can remove your tree as efficiently as possible. This is also reduces the damage caused to your site, and potential inconveniences such as oil leaks, heightened noise and potentially the necessity to break whilst working due to technical difficulties.


  • Safe and controlled method of removal. Our staffs training allows them to provide tree removal services that are safe, controlled, and recommended by our governing bodies. This reduces the damage to your site from heavy branches and log being thrown onto the ground, or unguided tree felling resulting in damage to fences, belongings and potentially your house.


  • Trustworthy and reliable. Our crew are trustworthy and reliable, and we will not only remind you of your upcoming appointments, but arrive on site when you want us to. We are trusted by local and state government bodies, along with numerous civil and commercial companies to produce excellent work regardless of whether they can have staff on site. So, if you work large hours and can’t be home for the day of tree removal, you can trust us to manage the work worry free.


  • Clean up. After we remove your tree, you can decide whether you would like the chippings left on site or removed. Regardless, we provide a high level of clean up that is not replicated across the industry. Not only will your tree be removed, but all remnants will be taken away from site, leaving your property looking better than before.


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Do You Need Your Tree Removed?

Calling a professional will always save you time and effort on such a big job. We have the qualifications and the equipment necessary to make the process of tree removal in Brisbane efficient and safe. From elevated work platforms to cranes, our staff will be able to ensure that the tree removal process is done to the best standards and with as minimal damage to the surrounding landscape as possible. No tree is too big or too small, and no matter the location, we can arrange a swift removal for you. We provide tree removal services for both the north side of Brisbane, and the southside areas, as well as the Sunshine Coast. Either  , or enter your details below to request a free quote online, or call us directly on 



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