Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a quote over the phone for tree work?

Unfortunately not. Every tree is different along with it’s location and surrounding area. Our estimators need to see the tree on location to assess exactly what needs to be done, determine access to the area, and the type of equipment needed. Here we can meet with you and discuss further details face to face. After the on-site visit, we then provide a free quotation that accurately represents your needs.

Are your staff qualified?

Yes, our staff are highly qualified professionals who undergo both in-house and external training on a regular basis. We do so to ensure that we can provide the most professional advice and experience each and every time.

Am I insured while your crew works on my property?

Yes. Even though utmost care is taken and River City Trees has quality systems in place to minimise risk, sometimes unfortunate instances can happen. For your peace of mind, River City Trees is fully insured with a $20 million dollar public liability insurance coverage. You can see these documents here.

Is there a difference between tree pruning and tree lopping?

Yes. There is a very big difference between tree pruning and tree lopping. Pruning a tree is done to enhance tree health and to make the tree stronger. When a tree is lopped, there is no thought or skill in the placement of the cuts – this hinders tree growth and health. Tree lopping significantly weakens trees and should be avoided. If you wish to understand this difference further, you can read our blog posts here: Why You Should Never Lop Your Tree . Our arborists are trained to prune to Australian Standards.

What should I do if my tree has been damaged in a storm?

We recommend you keep the area clear and contact us as soon as possible to assess the damage and advise you of any risks. In storm periods, we have emergency crews on call 24/7.

If your power lines are down, then call ENERGEX immediately on 13 19 62. Otherwise, call our direct phone line, 07 3264 1200, and this will be redirected to our on-call Supervisor for emergency situations.

Do you provide emergency storm work services?

Yes, we do. We have emergency crews on call 24/7 during storm periods. At these times, you can call our landline, 07 3264 1200, and you will be redirected to our operational managers mobile, who will be able to arrange a crew to meet with you as soon as possible. If your request is not as urgent, but you would like it to be addressed within business hours, you can also send a request online here.

Do you remove very large trees?

Yes. We are fully qualified professional arborists who specialise in the removal of large, dead and/or dangerous trees. Call us today, or send us an online request here for an obligation free appraisal and quote.

After you complete the job will you remove the tree waste?

Yes. All tree waste is taken away and your site is left clean and tidy, as if we were never there. If stump grinding occurs, unless prior arrangements have been made, these grindings will be left in a tidy pile in place of the stump.

Can I put fresh tree mulch directly on my garden beds?

Mulch is best used on garden beds after it has been aged. You may not be able put mulch that has just been processed on your garden as it can damage the plants, therefore we advise you discuss this potential on site with the estimator. We prefer to take all mulch back to our yard where it is aged correctly, but it can be arranged to be left on site. We stock pre-aged forest mulch for sale , which is much more beneficial for your gardens.

Can I prune my neighbour’s tree?

We strongly recommend that you talk to us first. We can assess the tree and discuss the situation with you and your neighbour.
Brisbane City Council’s two highest questions/complaints are regarding barking dogs and neighbouring trees! The Neighbourhood Dispute Resolution Act 2011 (Qld) was written to help this problem but is a rather lengthy and complex document. Our estimators will be able to advise on site how best to address neighbouring trees, and make you aware of yours, and your neighbours, rights. You can read more about this on the Queensland Government website here.

What do I do if I want to remove or prune a Council tree?

We are unable to prune or remove any council tree without receiving the permission of the council involved.
For the Brisbane City Council, please contact their helpline on 3403 8888 and they will lodge this request for you.

For the Moreton Bay Shire Council, please contact 3205 5555 and they will lodge a request for you.

If you are having a hard time getting in contact with council, please let us know and we will do all we can. You can send us a request here .

River City Trees are a preferred supplier for both Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Councils.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your works either by credit card, direct transfer, cash or cheque. Payment is expected on completion of the works.

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