Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping


When you get it right, soft landscaping is the key in order to make your outdoor spaces vibrant, beautiful and healthy. River City Trees’ team of experts has had many years of experience in creating beautiful landscapes and rejuvenating tired gardens.


Having experts look over your garden for soft landscaping makes sure that your garden gets the right creative combination of soils, colours, patterns, textures and everything you need to arrange the right plants, trees and shrubs in your outdoor environment.


Permanent Transformations

After hard landscaping comes soft landscaping, and our gardening team can make sure that your vibrant, transformed garden will stay that way according to plan for years to come.


Garden Makeovers

Maybe your garden is a little lifeless, or has gone a little wild. River City Trees specialises in the installation and maintenance of gardens, bringing them back to flourishing life. We love making trees and gardens vibrant and healthy again.


Our team can tell you what you need to expect during and after the soft landscaping, to help you with your concepts, budgets, timeframe, and other services that will be needed to make your garden into one that’s right out of your dreams.


Soft Landscaping Services

  • Site visit
  • Collaborate and discuss your needs and ideas
  • Planning and arranging
  • Consideration of colours, textures, patterns
  • Soil selection
  • Tree, shrubs and plant selection
  • Installation
  • Aged mulching supply and spreading
  • Landscape Maintenance


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