Mulch and Mulching

Mulch and Mulching


Supplying Mulch Brisbane-Wide and to the Sunshine Coast

One of the most effective ways to keep trees, gardens, and landscapes healthy is by applying properly aged forest mulch to your soil. This keeps your soil rich and nutrient-infused while helping retain more moisture inside – all without generating excessive heat that damages small plants.

When it comes to keeping your trees healthy with natural and organic means, applying aged forest mulch will always be one of your top solutions. And because we’ve been supplying mulch Brisbane-wide and the Sunshine Coast for years, we’ve seen first-hand just how effective our aged forest mulch can be.



Why Use Mulch?

As professional arborists and tree specialists, we regularly supply and spread mulch across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. That’s because we know how effective and beneficial proper mulching can be. One major advantage of mulching is that it significantly conserves water. It does this by reducing evaporation in the soil, which, in turn, helps your soil retain more moisture. By applying mulch to your trees, gardens, and landscapes, you can reduce watering by as much as 60%! Another key advantage of mulching is that it can help regulate soil temperature. During cold months, mulching can help warm the soil and protect plants from extreme cold. Conversely, you can use it during the summer months to keep moisture in the soil and help prevent it from drying out in the sun.


Aside from these, mulching is a particularly effective way to prevent the growth and spreading of weeds. This allows your plants to receive the most moisture and nutrients possible because weeds often compete with your plants for the soil’s nutrients. The fewer weeds there are, the less competition for nutrients there is in your soil. When used appropriately, mulching can also improve your garden’s aesthetics. It can give plants a more uniform and organised look, which improves the overall look and feel of your garden.


Why Our Aged Forest Mulch Is Ideal

As great as mulching can be to your garden, the fact is not all mulches are the same. Some types are more suited to your soil than others, and some may even provide more benefits and advantages. In this regard, the quality of the mulch you use definitely matters.

At River City Trees, we believe that our properly aged forest mulch is the ideal mulch that you can have for your trees and garden. Here’s why:



Unlike the conventional type of mulch, our forest mulch has an ‘aged’ quality. We achieve this by leaving it to ‘cook’ for several months before its sale. This process increases its temperature to over 70 degrees throughout the year, while being aerated in between. Through this aging process, our forest mulch can provide your soil more nutrients from the beginning. That’s because our aged forest mulch has already started to decompose. This means it won’t take as much nitrogen (if any) from the soil when it’s applied on top of it. Instead, this decomposition provides added nutrients and more organic matter to your soil. This makes it much better than conventional mulch, especially for young and growing plants.


You can tell the difference quite simply by the smell and feel of our aged forest mulch. Conventional inorganic mulch often feels dry and perhaps even lifeless. Our forest mulch, on the other hand, smells and feels alive, possessing features close to young and new compost. We’ve been supplying our aged forest mulch Brisbane-wide and at the Sunshine Coast for years, and many of our clients can certainly tell the difference in quality.


Doesn’t contain palm fronds

Unlike some conventional mulch, our aged forest mulch doesn’t contain any palm fronds. Palm fronds are particularly troublesome materials for mulch because they don’t break down through the chipper – it stays primarily intact. Not only does this reduce its visual appeal, but it also makes it more difficult to spread around on your soil.


Due to our large depot, we have the space to separate the palm frond from the good mulch. This is something that majority of our competitors don’t have the ability or resources to do. Because of this, we’re able to create and supply a higher quality of mulch that provides more benefits to your plants and makes it easier for you to use.



When you purchase our aged forest mulch, you won’t have to worry about it getting to your home in less-than-optimum condition. That’s because we can deliver your mulch straight to your property using our own trucks and machinery. This allows us to deliver your mulch when and where you want it. And if you prefer, you can even come and pick it up yourself from our depot. Either way, your mulch won’t have to be transported by a third-party service, making it more likely that your mulch will retain its full freshness and quality.


Supply & Spread Services

When it comes to mulching for your trees and garden, we can do more than supply properly aged forest mulch. As a team of professional arborists and tree specialists, we’re also able to guide your mulching activities and provide expert recommendations. Along with helping you measure how much mulch you need for your garden, we can also supply, deliver, and spread it for you. This saves you the headache of doing things by yourself, especially if you’re not sure how to do it properly. Not to mention the time and effort you save by having our mulching Brisbane specialists do it right for you the first time.


Call us today at 07 3264 1200 to speak to our advisory consultants who can tell you everything you need to know about mulching! Alternatively, you can also click here to request your free quote online. Having supplied mulch Brisbane-wide and on the Sunshine Coast for several years, we’ll definitely be able to help you with whatever you need for mulching.


Buy Mulch Direct from Us

You can buy our mulch directly from us, with no middleman putting their margin on top. And not just that, we can also help you with whatever mulching activities you may need. Our mulching Brisbane specialists, for example, can help you determine how much mulch you’ll need to cover your garden area. And of course, if you need assistance for applying and spreading in on your garden, then we’ll be able to do that too.


This is the major advantage of buying your mulch directly from us. With River City Trees, not only do you get properly aged forest mulch, but you also get access to mulching services that make it more effective. As professional arborists, we’re more than just mulch suppliers – we’re also tree specialists. This allows us to provide whatever services you need to make the most out of your mulch and to maximise the benefit for your plants.


Call us at 07 3264 1200 to enquire or contact us to send a message. We’ve been supplying mulch Brisbane-wide and across the Sunshine Coast for years, so rest assured that we can help you with whatever mulching activities you may need.  and speak with our advisory consultants who can tell you everything you need to know about mulching! Or you can to request your free quote online.



What’s the difference between organic and inorganic mulch?

Organic mulch is primarily composed of plant parts and materials that came from living things. Common materials used for organic mulch include wood chips, tree barks, leaves, compost mixes, and other similar items. Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, is mulch that’s made up of non-living materials. This includes things like as stone, rubber, fabric, and even plastic.


Another key difference is that organic mulch naturally decomposes while inorganic mulch doesn’t decompose. This decomposition allows organic mulch to provide more nutrients and organic matter to your soil, making it the better option if the health of your plants is your priority. Keep in mind, however, that because of this decomposition, organic mulch also needs to be replaced more frequently than inorganic mulch. With that said, each type of mulch has its own pros and cons. The key to getting the most out of your mulch is to apply the one that best matches the needs of your plants and garden.


Is there such thing as putting too much mulch?

Yes! As good as mulch can be to your tree’s soil, too much of it can be equally bad. Applying too much mulch on your soil can trap excess moisture and prevent air and water from getting through. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that most homeowners and inexperienced gardeners often make. Remember that the key is to put an ample amount of mulch without bordering on too much. One obvious sign of applying too much mulch is when a mound of mulch forms around the base of the tree, which is often referred to as a “mulch volcano”.


How much mulch should I put?

There’s no single answer to this question because it depends on several different factors. Things like the type of trees you have (and their condition), your area’s climate, and even the time of the year play a factor on how much you mulch you should put. Not to mention your specific goals and purposes for mulching.


To make sure that you’re putting the right amount of mulch on your soil, it’s always best to consult with professional arborists. This way, you’re able to ensure that the mulch you’re applying is actually helping rather than harming your trees.


How often should I replace my mulch?

This depends on what type of mulch you’ve used, how mature your trees and plants are, and what your purpose for mulching is. One thing to remember, however, is that organic mulch usually needs to be replaced more often than inorganic mulch. This is because it breaks down and decomposes naturally. If your mulch is noticeably thin and inadequate, then it may be time to replace it. This can happen anywhere from a few months to a year after initial application.

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