What influences the cost of stump grinding?

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What influences the cost of stump grinding?

the cost of stump grinding in brisbane

Stump grinding is an aspect of tree removal that isn’t always considered, as ‘tree removal’ does sound all inclusive, although dealing with the remaining stump is a completely different situation and can even be more time consuming and costly than the removal itself. We at River City Trees have the equipment in-house to either stump grind or remove your stumps and save you the hassle of either hiring a stump grinder and learning as you go, or worse spending time and energy trying to personally pry it out of the ground. You can read more about our stump grinding brisbane services, or request a free stump grinding quote.


We at River City Trees are often asked about the cost of stump grinding, and what is involved. Because of this, we thought we would illustrate a few factors that are taken into consideration when pricing our stump grinding or removal services.


 Factors That Influence The Stump Grinding Costs:

End Result

The first thing you will need to consider is the reason you want that stump gone. Is it because you want to turf or concrete the area? Or is it because it’s a trip hazard, or simply unsightly in the yard? If this is the case, stump grinding will do the trick.

We grind the stumps to minimum 150mm below ground level, deeper if requested, removing all visibility of the stump and solving that problem. If you are in need of undertaking earthworks, or if you are want to plant a new tree in the place of a current stump, we also provide stump removal services, although advanced stump grinding services can normally do the trick.


Diameter of Stump

The next thing we will need to know is the diameter of the stump. As can be assumed, the larger the stump, the higher the price. This occurs due to larger stumps simply taking more time to grind.


Location of Stump

Following this is the location of the stump on the property. Is it in a nice open area? Or is it in a garden bed up against a fence? Either way, River City Trees can help you as we not only have a regular stump grinder, but we also have a hand-held stump grinder that will allow us to get into tight and tricky spaces to grind your stumps.

If our standard stump grinder is required, it will need access to the property of at least 850cm in width, and the stump will require a distance of at least 300mm from any structures for the grinder to do it’s thing.


If this isn’t possible, the hand held stump grinder will be used. Although smaller in size, the hand held stump grinder charge is generally higher due to the price of the blades required being quite high as the machine is only new to the market.


Root System

If your stump has a widespread visible root system that is required to be ground, depending on the extent of the root system this can result in a higher price. This is also due to it simply taking more time in labour.


Cleanup after stump grinding

Lastly, whether you are happy to keep the remaining stump grindings on site after the work is complete, or whether you want them removed completely from site will influence the price. If you do want the site clean after grinding a small charge for removal of the grindings will be quoted, otherwise if you are willing to keep the grindings they will be left in a neat pile in place of where the stump was.


Stumps come in all shapes and sizes and so we provide prices individually. We hope these points give you a bit of an insight into the stump grinding realm, and if you have any stumps that you need dealt with please don’t hesitate to contact us at (07) 3264 1200, or feel free to send us through an image of the stumps and their location to admin@rivercitytrees.com.au.

the cost of stump grinding

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