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When Is The Best Time To Prune Your Trees?


When it comes to tree pruning, no two trees are the same; one tree’s perfect prune can be  completely wrong for another. Even when you have researched the type of tree you are working with and know how you’d like to prune there is still one factor that can make or break a tree pruning: […]


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Why You Should Never Lop Your Tree: Words From a Brisbane Arborist


Tree lopping is one of the many forms of tree maintenance that’s commonly associated with arborists. This can be terribly misleading, however, because arborists are NOT tree loppers – at least not if they’re any good. That’s because tree lopping often does more harm than good, and it’s long been considered an unacceptable practice by […]


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What Tree Maintenance Can Really Do For You (Hint: More Than Just Make Your Trees Look Good)


When it comes to making a property more beautiful and inviting, it’s hard to compete with the wonders offered by a healthy, full-grown tree. Here at River City Trees, we know that there’s something about trees that makes them superb additions to any property. We’ve been providing tree services Brisbane-wide and on the Sunshine Coast […]


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Don’t know which Arborist or Tree Services Company to hire? Here’s what to ask them to help you decide!


If you ever need maintenance work for your trees, there’s no question who you should seek: an arborist. Like with any other service, however, not all arborists are the same. Some are definitely better than others, with more experience and better expertise. At the end of the day, the decision on who to hire for […]


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